Animation: Are Children Being Ignored? DATE CREATED: June 2016 WEB ADDRESS: ABOUT THE PROJECT: I created this short animation for Barnardos as a digital engagement piece, to encourage supporters to take action and call on our Government to make sure Budget 2017 prioritises children. It was my first time trying out this whiteboard animation style and it was really enjoyable to put together. It was created using Adobe Illustrator, the video app Videoscribe and Adobe After Effects. From an engagement point of view it's worked really well - in just a couple of weeks it's been watched over 8,000 times on Facebook and shared over 270 times.

Landing Page: Be Brave for Barnardos

[Click the image for a complete version] Date created: December 2015 Web Address: About the Project: Be Brave for Barnardos is a campaign that encourages individuals to take on a sporting challenge, such as a marathon or cycle, to raise funds for children in Ireland.  I created a landing page to sign up interested parties; the brief was to make the page clear and attractive, and that it reflect the inspiring nature of the campaign. The landing page is based on a template from

Landing Page: Barnardos Change a Child's Life Campaign

[Click image for the full version] Date created: February 2015 Web Address: About the Project: Change a Child's Life is a long-running fundraising campaign from Barnardos (see the beautiful and moving series of ads on YouTube).  I built a simple landing page for the campaign in early 2015 as the previous microsite was looking quite stale and was not mobile-responsive. By creating a mobile-friendly landing page focused on donations, we are better able to serve the needs of users looking for more information after seeing the ad on TV. The landing page is based on a template from

Interactive Tour of a Barnardos Early Years Project

Date created: June 2014 Web Address: About the Project: Digital storytelling is one of my priorities for 2014, and I saw an opportunity to give people a better insight into our Early Years Services with this medium. Early intervention services can make a huge difference in the lives of children living with disadvantage. This piece uses photography and text to tell the story of why children come to Barnardos Early Years services, the highly intensive work that is done with them and the dedication that it requires. I built this using Klynt, an interactive storytelling tool.

Interactive 'What We Do' Graphic for Barnardos

Date created: April 2014 Web Address: About the Project: I created this interactive graphic to serve as a map of the work that Barnardos Ireland does. We have 14 different types of services for children and families, campaign and lobby on issues relating to children's rights, and also offer a range of professional services for people working with children. This graphic gives a concise visual overview of all the work, with links through to more information on each on our website.

Infographic: School Costs in 2013

Slide 2 [Click image to see the full infographic] Date created: Summer 2013 Web Address: About the Project: 2013 is my third year of designing graphics to promote the Barnardos School Costs Survey, and creating an infographic to show the results. (See the 2012 and 2011 versions). The School Costs Survey gathers data and comments from parents whose children are in primary and secondary school, and takes a huge amount of work to assemble.  It is a key part of Barnardos advocacy work around education. Marketeer Caz Collins wrote some kind words on her blog about this infographic when it was published: Today The Guardian offered up a sample of 16 of the worst infographics they describe as ‘head-craning, eye-squinting, eyebrow-raising nightmares that leave you more confused than before you clicked ‘next’ and I can’t help but agree. Some are simply woeful; others beggar belief, none live up to the name of actually informing you. But all is not lost – there is still a place for clear visual communication. In complete contrast to the monsters compiled by The Guardian, Barnardos Ireland produced a compelling infographic on the cost of putting a child through school in Ireland (via@thejournal_ie) More effectively than any emotive address, the Barnardos infographic forcefully depicts the increasing struggle faced by Irish families in educating their children. In so doing, Barnardos have once again done what they do exceedingly well… created an effective lobbying tool to represent and advocate for the rights of Irish children.

Cyberbullying Advice Infographic for Barnardos

[Click the image to see the full infographic on the Barnardos website] Date Created: Spring 2013 Web Address: About the Project: I produced this infographic to give parents an overview of what cyberbullying is, and ways that they can tackle it. The content is just a small part of an excellent presentation on cyberbullying that the Barnardos school speaker John Wills delivers to schools, to groups of teachers, students and / or parents. Barnardos Training and Research department also has some really good resources on coping with cyberbullying, for both parents and young people.

Children's Referendum Infographic

[Click picture to see the full version] Date created: November 2012 Web Address: About the Project: I created this graphic in November 2012 as part of Barnardos' campaign for a Yes vote in the Irish Referendum on Children's Rights. There was a high demand for information in the week leading up to the polling day, and I created this to give an overview of the proposed changes in the amendment, the reasons to vote yes and the wide support that existed across Irish society for a Yes vote. I discourage use of the 'v-word' at work but have to use it here - this became a minor viral. It had over 3,300 shares and nearly 15,000 views on the Barnardos site in just the four days leading up to the Referendum. There was also a large amount of traffic through partner sites.  The day of the Referendum, Nov 10th, was the busiest day in the history of the Barnardos website. For the last few days before the Referendum, Tweets about this Infographic were consistently the top Tweets for the #crref hashtag on Twitter. In other good news, the campaign was successful and the Referendum was passed. NB: The graphic that appears in the second segment ('What are the changes') was designed by Language for Barnardos.