Landing Page: 'To the Last Bite' Campaign for FoodCloud

Date created: October 2015 Web Address: About the Project: I worked with the wonderful FoodCloud team at the wonderful Charity Hack. A bit of context about them both: FoodCloud - an amazing social enterprise that has cracked the challenge of food waste. They use digital technology to gather unwanted food from supermarkets and suppliers, and also use tech to connect it to charities who need it. The organisation is just a few years old and has already donated over one million meals. Charity Hack - a brilliant initiative by fundraisers Kevin Delaney and Eimear Clowry-Delaney. It's a day where volunteers with expertise help small charities to devise a campaign.  Hugely, highly recommended both to small organisations and to people in the sector who want to learn more about campaigns.  Sign up to their mailing list today and you'll get notified about the next hack day. So anyway, at Charity Hack in September 2015, I was part of a group that 'hacked' FoodCloud for the day and developed a concept for a supporter acquisition campaign. The 'To the Last Bite' campaign asked people who 'love food and care how it is used' to subscribe to a series of emails that shared advice on how to cut down on food waste.  I volunteered to build the landing page for this campaign, to present a clean and attractive experience for the user. The landing page is based on a template from; the photos used are royalty free pictures from Michael Stern on Flickr

Videos for the 2015 Yes Equality Campaign

Guide to Canvassing - for Yes Equality Guide to First Time Voters - for BeLonG To Youth Services Date created: Mar - May 2015 About the Project: I volunteered to create some informational videos for the Yes Equality coalition in the 2015 Marriage Referendum.  The brief was to create some straightforward informational videos that could be sent to potential canvassers to help build their knowledge, and to inform first time voters on how to cast their vote properly. I used the iPad app Adobe Spark Video (formerly Adobe Voice) to create these videos, and used text slides as they are really effective on social media.  Adobe Spark is now also available as a desktop tool and I really recommend trying it out - it's free and incredibly easy to use. The videos were widely used and shared, and got a great response on Facebook particularly.   By the way, I also helped out a little bit with the video below, which was created to encourage people to get out and canvass for Yes  Equality. The video was conceived by Peter McGuire and directed by Rory Bresnihan; the part I played was small (some advice on optimising the video for social sharing) but I wanted to include it here cause it's just so lovely <3

Sam McMahon Trust Website

Date created: Winter 2009 Web Address: About the Project: I built this website on a volunteer basis for the Sam McMahon Trust. Sam McMahon is an 8 year old boy from Dublin who suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia, a degenerative neuro-muscular disorder.  Sam's family set up the Sam McMahon Trust to raise awareness of the condition and raise funds for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA).  Sam's family are doing great work: it's very inspiring to see how they are becoming advocates and reaching out to others with the condition.  The Trust runs frequent fundraising events, such as a cookery demonstration with Neven Maguire which is coming up in March. The site is a simple Wordpress customisation, which I based on the free theme by Dimox.  The background pattern, illustration of Sam and Sam McMahon logo were designed by Elizabeth Davis.

Flyer for Oxfambooks

Date created: April 2005 About the Project: I created this flyer to publicise Oxfam Books' sale of crime fiction. Click on the image to see a full version of the flyer. Thanks to for permission to use the original image.