Oxjam Gig Cards


Date created: Spring 2008

About the Project: Every year Oxfam Ireland prints about a billion Christmas cards, and our printers allow us to use the offcuts from these cards for other projects. This year we used them to print off little handouts for Oxjam; they’re business card-sized and can be filled in on the reverse with details of gigs. I’m really pleased with how they turned out, the colours are really vibrant and I ended up using the artwork in lots of other Oxjam projects.


  1. Sinéad

    Great idea, really eyecatching. Going to see San Salvador at Oxjam in the Ambassador on the 11th, can’t wait!!

  2. conor101

    think you mean the 18th? i’m going too, san salvador are a top band- gonna be brill. choke hazard too

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