Free Guide to WordPress for Editors

I have written a basic guide to using WordPress for site editors, which you can download and use. If you are a designer, you may find it useful to share with your clients.

About this guide

I ♥ WordPress.

I use it for nearly everything now, and am delighted that its scope will be expanded with version 3, which is due out in the not-too-distant future.

One of the strengths of WordPress is how user-friendly it is.  Clients of mine who are not particularly tech-savvy are using it and blogging and editing away.  Once they know the basics, I find that they rarely come back with problems.  However, the basics are sometimes tricky to find all in one place.’s documentation is comprehensive and excellent, but is aimed more at the expert/administrator/developer level and there isn’t much basic info there for people who simply want to post and edit their content.

I’ve created a Guide to WordPress 2.9 for Editors, which I send to clients once their WordPress site is set up.  I’m sharing it here as I think it might be useful to other designers.  It just runs through the basic functions of adding a new post or page, editing posts and pages, adding and editing links, and managing comments.  It also includes a brief introduction to WordPress and explains the difference between categories and tags.  It’s a short (five page) pdf that can be saved and used as a reference.

So feel free to download and share this document. I just ask that you leave my credit on the footer, and that you comment below with your feedback if you have a spare minute.  Do you think the document is useful?  Any ommissions or errors?


  1. marie

    Thanks for sharing Jean : ) It looks very useful. The only thing I might add is to make sure editors are in visual view rather than html.

  2. Catherine

    Hey Pet, do you fancy sharing this doc with third level staff through the NDLR – under a creative commons license? caxxxxx

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