Irish Charity Web Group – Any Interest?

I recently attended the Fairsay Ecampaigning Forum in Oxford, which is a two day gathering of web and campaigning people from NGOs for discussions and idea-sharing. It’s an excellent event – I came away with loads of ideas and a strong feeling that Irish charity web people should be getting together too!

So I’m putting the word out to web people in Irish NGOs to see if there’d be any interest in getting together once a month (or thereabouts) for some friendly discussion sessions. I’m just thinking about informal, sociable evenings where we could discuss things like tools, best practices, social networks, interesting charity initiatives that we’ve seen, and so on.

Let me know what you think – if there’s a reasonable amount of interest, I will get a group or web page of some kind set up so that we can communicate and arrange a time and place. You can contact me on, or leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or queries.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Ecampaigning Forum, presentations and notes from the workshop are available here:, and you can see a list of participants here:


I got a very quick and positive response after putting the word out about this on Twitter, thanks so much to all who RT’ed!  I’ve set up a Google Group so we can discuss the best way to proceed with this, so if you’re interested, please join the Google Group (make sure that you provide your full name and the name of the charity that you work for).


  1. jean

    Some London-based charity web people have a group of this kind called Digital Charities, you can see how they do it here:

  2. Sinéad Gibney

    Hi Jean,

    I’d be happy to arrange for some Google representation, if there’s interest, to help folks understand how they can use our products for fundraising, etc.


  3. Jenny

    Hi Jean,

    Yes I think this would be a good thing – might be an idea to get Fundraising Ireland involved in some way – help with venue/publicity etc


  4. Fiona

    Hi Jean
    this sounds like a great idea. Count me in.

  5. Raphael

    Hello Jean – it does indeed sound like a good idea and would be happy to participate.


  6. Paul

    Hi Jean,

    I’d be interested in this too, has anything started yet?

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