– Minor Redesign Redesign

Date created: September 2011

Web Address:

About the Project: I recently joined Barnardos as their Online Executive and one of the first projects I was asked to undertake was a refresh and update of their official website.

A review of the site showed that it was well designed and worked well from a usability point of view.  It did not require a major overhaul, but rather a minor cosmetic update and a reworking of the way certain information was presented.

The changes that I applied included:

  • An updated colour scheme that adheres more closely to brand values
  • Redesign of site homepage with new social network widgets
  • New imagery on key section homepages
  • A grid-based layout, using the 16 column, 960 pixel web grid.
  • Promotional boxes for the right-hand menu
  • A new structure for links on the section homepages
  • Installation of social sharing for content with ShareThis
  • Update of headers and menus for a clearer hierarchy

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