Infographic: School Costs in 2013

Barnardos School Costs Survey 2013

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Date created: Summer 2013

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About the Project: 2013 is my third year of designing graphics to promote the Barnardos School Costs Survey, and creating an infographic to show the results. (See the 2012 and 2011 versions). The School Costs Survey gathers data and comments from parents whose children are in primary and secondary school, and takes a huge amount of work to assemble.  It is a key part of Barnardos advocacy work around education.

Marketeer Caz Collins wrote some kind words on her blog about this infographic when it was published:

Today The Guardian offered up a sample of 16 of the worst infographics they describe as ‘head-craning, eye-squinting, eyebrow-raising nightmares that leave you more confused than before you clicked ‘next’ and I can’t help but agree.

Some are simply woeful; others beggar belief, none live up to the name of actually informing you.

But all is not lost – there is still a place for clear visual communication. In complete contrast to the monsters compiled by The Guardian, Barnardos Ireland produced a compelling infographic on the cost of putting a child through school in Ireland (via@thejournal_ie)

More effectively than any emotive address, the Barnardos infographic forcefully depicts the increasing struggle faced by Irish families in educating their children. In so doing, Barnardos have once again done what they do exceedingly well… created an effective lobbying tool to represent and advocate for the rights of Irish children.

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