New Training Course: Google Grant & Adwords

I have recently developed a short in-house training session for charities on how to best use the Google Grant Adwords account.  The training session covers:

  1. Google Adwords – what does & doesn’t work
  2. Keyword research
  3. Keyword types
  4. Structuring an Adwords campaign
  5. Writing effective ad copy
  6. Landing pages
  7. Ongoing maintenance of your Adwords account

It takes approximately one day’s work to customise the course for your organisation’s needs, deliver it in-house and provide some follow-up support. My goal with this course is to build each charity’s confidence in Adwords, so they know how to set realistic targets,  write effective ads, and maintain the account themselves.  If you’re interested in doing this course in your charity, get in touch today!

I’ve also been working with a range of Irish and international organisations, to get some set up on Google Adwords, and working with others to optimise their account and improve its performance. If you’re interested in these services, I’d be delighted to talk to you.

Case Study

Click image for case study

When working at Barnardos, I did training with the brilliant Dave Walker of Segmatic, and learned some excellent techniques for optimising Google Grant accounts.  I applied what I learned to the Barnardos account, which immediately benefited from this and developed into a really strong Grants account. It was featured in a case study about the Google Grants programme by Google.

Since then, I have worked on numerous Grant accounts and have achieved strong returns across many different types of Adwords campaigns. I can share further case studies on request.

About the Google Grant

If you’re unfamiliar with the Google Grant by the way, you should read up on it and apply for it for your charity immediately.  There’s only a few steps involved in signing up, nearly all registered charities are eligible, and it’s a hugely useful and generous grant.  You can get up to $10,000 per month worth of free advertising on Google, targeting people who are searching for your organisation or your cause.

Link: The Google Grant and how to sign up

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