Online Course: Google Grant Adwords, for Non-Profits and Charities

I’ve created a new online course specifically for non-profits and charities, on how to make the most of your Google Grant Adwords account. You can get this course with a large discount off the standard price on the Digital Charity Lab site: Easy, Effective Google Grant Adwords for Non-Profits.

Google Grant Adwords is probably the topic for which I get the most requests for help.  Google Grant Adwords are a fantastic opportunity for charities – Google provides a very generous grant to all registered charities, giving them up to $10k in free advertising per month; and search ads are one of the most effective digital marketing channels of all.  But charities struggle with Adwords, usually because of not having been given proper guidance on how to use the system, and also because Google have set quite stringent minimum level performances for Google Grant Ads.

I was lucky enough to learn a great technique for managing Google Grant Ads in about 2013, and I’ve managed multiple accounts since then, achieving a high performance in all of them.  This course is to pass the technique on to other charities.  In this course, you will learn:

  • How Google Adwords work, and their power as a digital marketing channel
  • About the Google Grant and how to apply
  • How to correctly set up your Grant Adwords account
  • 3 key concepts that will help you understand Google Grant Ads
  • About Google’s rules for Grant Adwords accounts, and how to stay compliant with them
  • How to fix a non-compliant account
  • How to rescue a Google Grant Adwords account that’s not performing
  • Specific skills and techniques that are crafted for non-profits and your particular business goals and challenges

You will get:

  • Multiple articles and downloadable guides
  • A checklist and plan of action for keeping your account performing
  • A checklist for fixing a non-compliant Google Grant account
  • Templates for brainstorming Ad campaign ideas, and for creating a campaign plan

Buying the course gives you lifetime free access – so every time I add updates and new resources, you get them for free.  As a reader of this site, you can access a large discount off the usual price of this course; you can get it on the Digital Charity Lab site:

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