Online Course: Email Marketing for Charities & Non-Profits

I’ve created a new Digital Charity Lab online course on Email Marketing for Charities and Non-Profits. Email is one of the most consistently effective digital channels, and one of the most persistently neglected!

Read Glyn Thomas’ fascinating experiment on signing up to charity mailing lists, to see the many competitive opportunities that exist with email.

About the Course

Email is one of the best and most consistent digital marketing platforms – the Direct Marketing Association has found that every €1 spent on email marketing brings in a €42 return. For charities, email presents a great opportunity:

  • It’s a cheap and easy to adopt form of digital marketing
  • It creates a personal, direct relationship with each subscriber and supporter
  • Email is great for conversions – it’s hugely effective for driving online donations, campaign actions, event registrations and much more
  • It’s easy to track and measure – you can see the results and return on each email campaign
  • Unlike social media, you’re not reliant on a third party or on unpredictable algorithms

This course is all about getting your charity started with the incredibly effective digital marketing channel that is email.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why email marketing is still so effective
  • How email compares to other digital channels
  • How to make the case for email marketing in your organisation
  • What you need to get started with email marketing
  • How to choose the email marketing platform that’s right for your charity
  • Best practice for data protection and privacy
  • How to build your first mailing list
  • Crafting attractive, engaging emails
  • How to write email subject lines that work
  • Laying out your emails and choosing images
  • The email metrics you need to watch
  • How to evaluate and improve your emails
  • Free ways you can grow your email list
  • Paid email acquisition
  • How to encourage email signups on your website
  • How to segment your subscribers for better results

This course does not cover technical setup instructions for different email marketing platforms – you can get those for free when you sign up for a platform! This course is all about learning best practice and strategy for effective emails.

You will get:

  • Multiple videos and articles
  • A checklist for setting up your email marketing programme
  • A template for creating your email strategy
  • A guide to creating an effective mailshot
  • A data protection checklist
  • A guide to diagnosing issues with your email performance
  • A template for planning email journeys
  • And much more!

This course is suitable for:

  • Charities, non-profits, NGOs, community groups, campaigns
  • Fundraisers, campaigners and communications teams in non-profits who would like to use email marketing to promote campaigns, bring in donations and raise awareness
  • Digital and marketing teams in charities and non-profits

Plus…this course has a ton of free resources and templates for you.  You don’t need to go anywhere else. This course provides dozens of templates and resources all in one place to save you from having to search the internet or create stuff from scratch. It’s all included as part of the course price, and everything that’s added in the future is yours forever as part of the one-time registration fee (with a 30-day money back guarantee).

How does it work?

This course is an online course that you can start and complete in your own time.  It’s hosted on, an elearning site. You’ll need to purchase the course on Udemy, and you’ll get your own unique account that will track your progress through the course. You can do the course all in one go, or watch it in sections whenever you have time – it’s completely up to you.

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