Facebook Ad Guides for Non-Profits

In January 2020, I created two new resources on the Digital Charity Lab site that I’m really excited about.  They’re all about strategies that work for Facebook Ads.

Currently, non-profits in our community ask for help with Facebook Ads more than any other digital channel. I think there’s an understanding out there that Facebook Ads have massive potential, but a serious gap when it comes to knowing how to plan and run truly strategic campaigns.

I was really delighted when Adrian O’Flynn, the absolute best Facebook Ads expert I know, offered to share what he has learned and let me pick his brains. We captured the conversation in a podcast, which is now available on the Digital Charity Lab site. In just 45 minutes or so, Adrian shares valuable and actionable advice you can use to massively improve your Facebook Ad campaigns.

I’ve also created a new guide to Facebook Ad strategies that work, specifically designed for non-profits and charities. This 22 page document breaks down all the elements you need to run strategic Facebook Ad campaigns, and provides inspiration and template plans for your next campaigns.

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