Online Course with CharityHowTo: Optimizing Your Non-Profit Website

I was delighted to be commissioned by CharityHowTo, the leading non-profit education platform, to develop an online course on How To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Website to Increase Engagement and Conversions, for Beginners. This short course is all about demystifying website terminology for non-techy people, and empowering non-profits to evaluate and improve their own websites.

What you will learn on this course

  1. The difference that optimizing your website can make
  2. How to check the current performance of your site using free tools
  3. Google Analytics: what data to look for 
  4. Tracking conversions (donations, sales, signups) on your website
  5. How to set up handy reporting dashboards and automatic email reports with Analytics
  6. Calls to action – why they matter, how you can add them to your site
  7. How to create winning landing pages
  8. How to improve your donation form and increase donations
  9. How to craft web content that will increase engagement and conversions
  10. Easy, free, and affordable optimizations that you can do yourself

The course takes approx 90 minutes to complete, and comes with many bonus downloads that will help you implement a website improvement project at your charity.

You can get a special 15% discount on this course by using the code OBrien5115.

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