Email marketing

Email marketing consultancy

Email marketing is a hugely valuable and often neglected channel for non-profits. Email still has much higher engagement and conversion rates than social media, and it allows you to build a really direct and personal relationship with your supporters. And because so many organisations are neglecting emails, doing email well can give you a significant competitive edge.

Email marketing projects

I have a wide range of experience in leading email marketing projects, including:

  • Reviewing and auditing an entire email programme, including segmentation of lists and data management
  • Developing a cross-organisational email calendar, with a schedule of emails focused on building engagement and driving conversions
  • Devising high-performing automated journeys, such as welcome journeys for new subscribers
  • Email acquisition campaigns, using petitions, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • Integrating email marketing with Facebook Ads

Case study

Case study on my email marketing work with Barnardos Ireland

Get help with your email marketing

Some good news: a lot of best practice in email marketing is very straightforward and inexpensive to apply. Something as simple as sending more emails, with one call to action per email and using a simple template, can really improve results. My organisation Digital Charity Lab has some free and affordable resources for email marketing:

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